Le fil de ce jour #27

 “Every poem is a momentary stay against the confusion of the world.” – Robert Frost, born #OnThisDay in 1874

Our topic of the day is the fight against corruption #Navalni

Le héro de ce jour: #Navalni et les 60 000 personnes qui ont lutter avec courage contre la #corruption en Russie.

Ils ont toute mon admiration.

“Guys, I’m okay,” Navalny wrote on Twitter. “No need to fight to get me out. Walk along Tverskaya. Our topic of the day is the fight against corruption.”

100 years ago, the Bolshevik revolution… l’histoire en boucle….après…le pouvoir ça corrompt…forcément…we must never forget

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”  was saying JFK.

« And were an epitaph to be my story

I’d have a short one ready for my own.

I would have written of me on my stone:

I had a lover’s quarrel with the world. » Robert Frost






Le fil de ce jour #26

les 2 chaises

les 2 chaises du Canal, Photo: Marina Lapina


Now what?

I picked up a pen and I wrote my way out (ahead of sales – the ‘’likes” – the swamp – you know what I mean)

I dare you…to do the same – it’s freedom

« The right to free speech is sacred’’ that’s my believe

Write in ink or in blood ou les deux (Disgust can be like indelible ink.)

Think about seizing the day – let’s go crazy – remember…

Feel the touch of the day

And Do it again – and repeat – and move on

Don’t want to waste the time I’m given

Lose yourself – it’s OK

And Shut the whole crap out

C’est assez! Dit la baleine


P.S: Pencils do not, and have never, contained lead of any sort.



Le fil de ce jour #25

On nous dit dans l’oreillette que nous sommes #vendredi et tout le monde il est outchi-koutchi

On va tout faire pour finir le mieux possible – « Maybe I’ll do a Zidane & headbutt someone on the pitch »

L’animateur avait tenu des propos durs… le qualifiant entre autres de « tabarnac de sacrament d’estie de calice ». I was a little surprised

You’re in a slump. No seriously, check yourself right now!

Why People Say ‘You’ When They Mean ‘Me’?

Beautiful turning point

George Orwell’s last written words were, “At fifty, everyone has the face he deserves.” He died at age 46.


He discovered a hidden opportunity amid a flood of bad news

so do we

du moins, moi

ça suffit pour aujourd’hui, c’est vendredi and you should ALL GO OUT!






Le fil de ce jour #24

O solitude, my sweetest choice! Henry Purcell

Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe…j’ai raté quelque chose?

Itching to start – « There’s a smell of treason in the air »

Get off the beaten track

He did not mean wiretapping in the literal sense.

« When I said ‘wire tapping,’ it was in quotes, » he said.

What did he mean?

“Go with our plan. It’s going to be terrific.”

Many an inmate of an insane asylum is convinced that everybody else is crazy, except himself.


I’m forming a committee on it.

Le premier Ministre demande une aide immediate (an exploitative asshole to take charge)

You know….some dickheads whose only concern is getting what they want

«L’argent est là»

Il a appelé son homologue canadien à dépêcher sans tarder une « équipe fédérale » au quartier général de la Caisse (remarqué les guillemets) histoire de s’en mettre plein les poches.

“Jesus,” she said. “What the hell’s wrong with us?”

Ol’ man river,
Dat ol’ man river
He mus’know sumpin’
But don’t say nuthin’,




Le fil de ce jour #23

the waves you got



Quoi de neuf?

POSSIBILITIES – I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility

that existence has its own reason for being. Wisława Szymborska

Why objectively false things continue to be believed ?  like: “I know for a fact that he wants very much to come, but we’ll have to see. We haven’t heard yet, but we have invited him,” Grump said. Or : He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader

Let’s go somewhere else

To tell the truth – we don’t expect the truth, of a political candidate.

What we’re going to hear from you?

Bob: politics, no interest me. Dem devil business…Dem plays with peoples minds…

Alright Bob, don’t worry, cause every little thing gonna be alright…. right?


Soooooo yaaaaaaaaa……..

Pendant ce temps…

He « destroys » the Intel Committee’s credibility!!!

Who HE?


Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?

“It appeared to me that the male had sat down and had taken the conscious decision to lie backwards.”


Time / Date: 10:47 Wednesday 22 March

Incident Log 936: Man found deceased, approximate age 65 to 75

Location: Beauty spot, Chew Track from Dovestone Reservoir

He walked in at about 14:00 on the day before his body was found. “He just asked for directions to the top of the mountain,” says Melvin Robinson. “Just the top of the mountain.”

He appeared not to know his reason for being here.

If this is an effort by the President to throw a cloud of uncertainty, it’s not going to work.

It was a deeply disturbing turn today and certainly a body blow to the investigation

I need a break!




Le fil de ce jour #22

Les crottés les Ti-Cul

les tarlas les Ti-Casse

ceux qui prennent une patate

avec un coke…. Gérald Godin #WorldPoetryDay


The masterpiece in progress!

I fully support this, let’s do this #March21

#21mars un mardi #rockyoursocks

#JournéeMondialeDeLaTrisomie21 (« DOWN RIGHT PERFECT »)


Journée internationale de lutte contre le racisme (funny no #)

I’ll make one (i’m the boss)    et vlan!

Un jour de fête au #Kazakhstan (#NouvelAn)

C’est aussi le #WorldPuppetryDay

#LeGrandDebat : 3-21, She turn 20, she said : I’m so excited for my birthday. HA HA!!! YESSSSS!! 😆😆😆 I Still Have To Figure Out What I Wanna Do For My Birthday. Y’all! birthday is in a fortnight. (sic)

@Nonexistent: I hope my birthday doesn’t get ruined this year, cause these past two were the WORST 😩

You’ll never guess how it ends. (I’m not going there)

Ou le #HumanRightsDay

Who’s in charge here? Les poètes, les makers….

A special day here in Lebanon… Happy #Mothersday!

And it’s #WorldPoetryDay

« J’inventai la couleur des voyelles ! – A noir, E blanc, I rouge, O bleu, U vert. – Je réglai la forme et le mouvement de chaque consonne, et, avec des rythmes instinctifs, je me flattai d’inventer un verbe poétique accessible, un jour ou l’autre, à tous les sens. Je réservais la traduction. » Rimbaud

Je ne pouvais pas ne pas.

les pelleteux les neuf à cinq / les pères de famille sans enfants / WANTED RECHERCHÉ / pour cause d’agonie / pour drôle de pays…










Le fil de ce jour #21

Croire à l’histoire officielle, c’est croire des criminels sur parole. (Simone Weil)



État des lieux

Pour mémoire

Care. More.

Gauche-droite-en avant ! Marche ! L’histoire

Pad and pen

Tight deadline

Push yourself – do your very best

Open yourself to feel

Have access to another point of view

Care – more – about – others

The real




Le fil de ce jour #20


Showing up – anything goes

Open the doors to places, ideals

the sublime spectacles,

the beautiful forms,

the splendid colors,

and the graceful structures

Heat-up – the cells of my bloodstream

Open the doors to the utter beauty

Of what we human being are

And shake me up awake


Because now

has never seemed as necessary a time

to be on the side of life.






Le fil de ce jour #19

Que jamais ne nous déserte cet éclair qui nous tient aux aguets ! Pierre Morency


Les choses de l’ombre

The daily news

La pourriture dans le royaume

Don’t be fooled

Ne dors pas l’artiste – stay at the  threshold.

Je ne suis vivant que lorsque je suis témoins.

Jean-Pierre Issenhuth écrit : «J’aime maintenant, mais je lui préfère ici.»

Ici le ciel est bleu, le peuplier fait aller ses branches, comme une danse élégante, il projette ses ombres sur le mur délabré du fond de la cour.


La présence au monde

La première trace d’une présence réelle dans le monde, c’est la beauté du monde qui procède de l’harmonie entre toutes les formes d’êtres et de vie

La deuxième trace, indissociable de la première, c’est la bonté

« il était bon »

…dehors, une exubérance à chaque seconde se renouvelle. Pierre Morency

Il s’est habillé, il est sortie dehors, pour voir…

being at home in ourselves

« Sit. Feast on your life. » Derek Walcott




Le fil de ce jour #18

“For every poet, it is always morning in the world. History a forgotten, insomniac night; History and elemental awe are always our early beginning, because the fate of poetry is to fall in love with the world, in spite of History.” (R.I.P. Derek Walcott)


Qu’avez-vous à dire pour votre défense ?

Il dit : on est mal barré

Barré? We are badly barred?

C’est ça, courir à sa perte.

The missing story of ourself

The task of truth

The task of truth (sic)

Ils dissent: you should not take what he says literally

Il dit: C’est le président, on est mal barré

yes we are

badly barred

C’est pas une raison