Be prepared for anything

Expect Nothing; Be prepared for anything

Cette semaine dans le sauna, j’ai fais la rencontre d’un artiste circassien en réhabilitation qui ne pouvait de toute évidence, pas supporter le silence.
La conversation, qui ressemble plutôt à un monologue (je n’aime pas parler dans le sauna) se déroule en anglais, ce n’est pas non plus sa langue maternelle (il a un accent d’Europe de l’est) alors toutes mes excuses à la langue de Shakespeare, si je fais quelques égratignures au passage. «Écris ce que tu vois» disait la femme de Tolstoï à un jeune disciple, j’écris ce que j’ai entendu.

-I was once in a SPA in Japan, they say it’s the bigest SPA in the world. There is swimming pool, you know, you can do exercices in it, different bath with different temperature, all kind of massages you can get…i don’t remember the name…it was in Tokyo…


I have a lot of books, i like books, but when you travel, it’s a lot of trouble, well first, you know, it’s heavy, then you have the border, it’s very complicated.
Do i really need those books? What we need really? So i start to get rid of few, that was not easy, this one or this one? It takes discipline you know, to get rid of stuff. What we really need in life? Then you becoming light, that’s the goal man, travelling light…
Why we are here?
-to sweat a little…i said (just kidding)
-No i mean, in life, you know…
I know a system, a training system, whatever you do, you bike, you run, you need to fight, whatever, you are always ready, you’re ready to go man….you’re ready to jump, to do whatever you need to do…
I read a lot about the SamouraÏ, you know the Samouraï, the warrior’s way?
-i heard…a little…
-the sword of truth on top of all. In the Samouraï way, there is one way to know if you’re good or bad, if you’re good you live, if you’re bad you die, you’re bad you die, you know, DEAD! KAPUT, KWACK BLAT! (Blat, it’s a swearing in russian it means putain in french, in english it means literally slut)
When you start this training, you think you’re good, you know, in your head you’re good, you start to learn the technique, then you feel like you don’t know nothing anymore, you feel like shit, it’s not funny, you want to quit because you fell like shit blat!
Then you learn that you can put the life of your opponent in danger, you know all the technical possibilities, you know, you need to mastered the technique. You know the weakness of your opponent, your focus is at the top, you need to be at the top of your game man!
You lost all your illusions, you’re not a baby anymore, you’re a man, man!
Then you know that you find someone in your way, someone which is more trained than yourself, so all you have to do, is to train harder, relentlessly, train, train and train, you need to be better than others, but you need to be better than YOURSELF, that’s the one to beat, YOURSELF! BLAT!
It’s all about that man.
Then, you don’t feel like shit anymore, you feel like you are almost on the top of the world, that you have the power, that’s the point…
I need a break blat!….
(5 minutes de silence blat!)
So, on top of all, you stand for the truth, the sword of truth, you need to sacrifice everything for that, the truth man!
What is it about today? Money man, money-money-money.
-i have to go to work, sorry, what’s your name?
-I’m Patrice
It was a pleasure to meet you, thank you for sharing that with me….
-Take care man, be good!

Carpe Diem

Bonne Semaine



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