Be prepared for anything 2ième partie

Où il est question de discipline.

Ça faisait 10 minutes à peine que j’avais commencé ma séance dans le nouveau sauna infra-rouge du gym, que voilà-tu-pas mon ami Vitally qui entre, souriant à pleine dent.
-Hey body! How are you doing today?
-It’s all good, should i say….
Après 30 longues secondes de silence…
-I might go back to Russia soon, they will not keep us here anymore, maybe i will have to continue my rehabilitation to Russia, i don’t knonw yet.
-How’s your back?
-It’s improving, i’m improving, man!
-Good to hear that
-It’s all about discipline man!
You want to achieve something, you have a goal? You need discipline, Blat!
You know the difference between a good team and a great team? «DISCIPLINE» Blat!
In Japan, they call it «Kaizen», meaning that you are always improving, continual improvement, man!
-I like that, that’s a great concept…
-It’s not a concept, it’s a way of living, how you say that?…
-Ya, something like this, a lifestyle, it’s always inside of you, it’s a part of you.
You wake up early every morning, so you study how you can improve, you know, in your job, in your art, your sport, then you keep all the way through the day, and the next day, and the next one and so on.
You need to be consistent, Blat! Otherwise, you stay where you are, you go nowhere, Blat!
No excuses man!, excuses are the worst ennemy.
You know, if you start to look for excuses for not practicing good discipline, you go nowhere man!
You do nothing great, you are just talking.
In Russia, we call it «baltouchka»
-How you call it?
-Baltouchka, bla-bla-bla.
Meaning talking but not doing Blat!
You need to walk your talk
-In french we say: faut que les bottines suivent les babines!
Fuck-les-beau….Man! French is too complicated.
-It’s allright, i have to go, take care my friend!
-Take care Pat.

Carpe Diem Man!



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