Le fil de ce jour

Morning Briefing: Here’s what you need to know to start your day before you freak yourself Out:

Do you think the world revolves around you?

How to survive on less sleep

How Are You Most Likely To Die

Why everything hurts in the morning, according to science

Self-healing is…putting one pedal in front of the other

Feeling one with creation

Stay high and dry

What the type of steak you eat says about who are you as a person

This volcanic eruption is stunning

“American Bitch” on “Girls” is cunning and timely, and contains a perfect little shock:

How to Make Sweet Potato Toast

How I Found My Mantra

Beloved hippo Gustavito fatally beaten in El Salvador zoo

Trump looks for reset with speech to Congress

Trump says he deserves a ‘C+’ in messaging

Disregard for human rights is a disease that is spreading– north, south, east and west

No guts, no glory

Today’s top stories: Donald Trump’s address to Congress, SpaceX’s moon trip and Mardi Gras’ anniversary

Why You Can’t Get Out of Hard Work

Donald Trump gave himself an ‘A+’ for effort for his first month as President

The highs and lows of President Trump

« I hit send and almost immediately regretted it. »

Google’s new Doodle celebrates Abdul Sattar Edhi, Pakistan’s revered philanthropist

The Internet is having fun with Kellyanne Conway sitting all casual in the Oval Office

When the scales fall from your eyes, you will understand. You will all understand.

For once in your life, THINK.

Stop your whining » and hold Trump accountable

Non, « Quentin le pompier » n’a pas eu un oeil crevé par la « racaille »

President Trump says it’s ‘the enemies’ who want him to stop using Twitter

À moins d’un miracle, il faudra dire adieu au caribou des bois à Val-d’Or.

Just lovely….

Réflexions sur le match Canadien-Devils: Pacioretty superstar!

It is on all of us to stand

It’s embarrassing how much I suck at playing ‘Snake’ on the new Nokia 3310

Killer, Kleptocrat, Genius, Spy: the Many Myths of Vladimir Putin

[Les mots de la campagne] Que signifie «Gauche radicalisée» ?

Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You

Outrage at what’s happening to America isn’t just justified, it’s essential.

President Trump: « Nobody knew health care could be so complicated »

Trump is a LIAR

The truth is hard

Trump Gives His Presidency an ‘A’ So Far

Trump blames Obama for town hall protests and security leaks

Why men are much worse at being sick than women

How Jonathan Swift ripped fake news apart

Who is Jonathan Swift?

Related to Taylor?

George W. Bush said « we all need answers »

It’s an unbelievably complex subject.




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