Le fil de ce jour #8 (collage)

Illustration by Sydney Smith from Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson, a wordless ode to living with presence

We are here for what amounts to a few hours,
a day at most.
We feel around making sense of the terrain,
our own new limbs,
Bumping up against a herd of bodies
until one becomes home.
Moments sweep past. The grass bends
and then learns again to stand. “SOLSTICE” TRACY K. SMITH

 «Il commence ! Il commence !»

La nuit est longue, et le chevalier est encore réveillé.

JUST IN – « I’m in it for the long haul »

Is it bad to stay inside for an entire day?

No time for a break

I’ve hit a fountain of youth.  INCREDULOUS!

If nothing is done, a substantial part of the French soul will perish

We eventually pulled it off by telling a good story that made sense

We’ve had a few « last-minute emergencies » but this is just insane! I need a lie down after reading that!

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? #CensorshipMachine

value increase?


Wire of emotion

Like a wire of emotion

the ridiculous dead end

it’ll find a way, no matter what

like a rocket engine

we are the Pitfalls

The lightning mapper

Mesmerizing illumination

Do it this way, do it everyday

Do good, do love

Mostly to love


@Patrice Savard

In praise of “useless” knowledge


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