Le fil de ce jour #23

the waves you got


Quoi de neuf?

POSSIBILITIES – I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility

that existence has its own reason for being. Wisława Szymborska

Why objectively false things continue to be believed ?  like: “I know for a fact that he wants very much to come, but we’ll have to see. We haven’t heard yet, but we have invited him,” Grump said. Or : He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader

Let’s go somewhere else

To tell the truth – we don’t expect the truth, of a political candidate.

What we’re going to hear from you?

Bob: politics, no interest me. Dem devil business…Dem plays with peoples minds…

Alright Bob, don’t worry, cause every little thing gonna be alright…. right?


Soooooo yaaaaaaaaa……..

Pendant ce temps…

He « destroys » the Intel Committee’s credibility!!!

Who HE?


Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?

“It appeared to me that the male had sat down and had taken the conscious decision to lie backwards.”


Time / Date: 10:47 Wednesday 22 March

Incident Log 936: Man found deceased, approximate age 65 to 75

Location: Beauty spot, Chew Track from Dovestone Reservoir

He walked in at about 14:00 on the day before his body was found. “He just asked for directions to the top of the mountain,” says Melvin Robinson. “Just the top of the mountain.”

He appeared not to know his reason for being here.

If this is an effort by the President to throw a cloud of uncertainty, it’s not going to work.

It was a deeply disturbing turn today and certainly a body blow to the investigation

I need a break!





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