Partiellement nuageux



Canada Français

Montréal, PQ

Un bambin disparait

Un prisonnier en fuite

La morgue qui déborde

Notre premier ministre aurait tripoté une journaliste

«Je suis confiant que je n’ai pas agi de façon inappropriée…

Voilà, ce n’est qu’une question de confiance, c’est tout

«La leçon que nous devons en tirer est que les femmes vivent des interactions différemment des hommes […].

Je te tripotte, mais moi, j’ai confiance….toi tu penses que je t’ai tripotté, mais c’est ta façon de voir les choses qui poses problème, je veux dire….question de perception…

J’ai confiance

Make men great again

Et en plus je ne me souviens pas «de la moindre interaction négative»

Non, pour moi, que du positif!

Fin de l’histoire

Quoi d’autre ?

Well well well….

Ah ben oui!

Le poisson québécois plus accessible grâce à deux entrepreneurs gaspésiens…

DENIS TREMBLAY: Bravo très belle initiative

Il n’y aura pas d’autre commentaire

Je coupe le son

il fait 29 degré Celsius sur Montréal, ReelFeel, very hot!







Le fil #46 we truly live in the dumbest of times (collage)

Show time!

Good to be back folks

Let’s start the jam!

President Trump adds « business guy » Anthony Scaramucci to his collection of male archetypes

Scaramuccia (literally « little skirmisher »), also known as Scaramouche, The role combined characteristics of the zanni (servant) and the Capitano (masked henchman). Usually attired in black Spanish dress and burlesquing a don, he was often beaten by Harlequin for his boasting and cowardice.

An SNL writer is replying to Trump’s tweets like they’re texts

we truly live in the dumbest of times

Nice to meet you (for real, pour de vrai)

I agree she said

Alright what we need now? Poetry, sweet poetry.

You need to be more hip she said

Here we go:

Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
Doh doh
Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
Doh doh
Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
Doh doh

No comment she said

Every person has a unique tongue print.

It turns out building on Mars is pretty hard if you can’t land on it (no kidding)

All is not lost.

There’s a city in Turkey called « Batman ».

BTW: Ben Affleck addresses rumors that he is leaving Batman role

C’est quoi le rapport avec Ben Affleck et la Turquie? (je vous laisse deviner)

Meanwhile in Texas: Emotions are high in Texas as lawmakers debate a bathroom bill. So are the stakes.

I just love what goes on in this crazy town. I hope it was a great success

Also on the net: Why you should always fly with a tennis ball, (your body will thank you)

They never once say Humpty Dumpty is an egg in the poem.

Did I say we truly live in the dumbest of times?

Well well well


Asta la vista!











Le fil de ce jour #32

looking inside

approaching the natural

Good to be…anywhere out of this noise

Nothing left, but doubt…

What did I do good?

 I do not like dry people, and therefore I do not like business people.


 »feeling » over dead  »thinking. »

And I’m felling tired, therefore I am

That is all the there is

You should not stay any longer in front of this screen!

J’ai pris trop de ton temps déjà

je m’en excuse.

Buenas noches





Le fil de ce jour #30

Lift me gently.
Please not with human touch.
Christ knows I’ve had my share alive
And it never felt like love
Lift me gently
Lift me gently

Charlie Watson


(almost like a diary) –  nothing special –

C’est le matin, je bois du thé…il fait encore noir…le monde est encore endormi….

It’s that time again!! 🙏  ? thanks

But these nervy Englishmen, with their songs about cattle prods!

I got to have all these choices… dazzled by the sense of possibility

Not everybody gets everything, but you get some stuff… You get other stuff.

Il y a ce bruit….les pensées en streaming…

The Daily Briefing – the global news headlines

Investigate any unauthorized disclosure of intelligence

People sitting in a room…, thinking they are smarter than the next guy

A madman versus a crook? Unexpected twists? Fake news?

Dark matter sent first class to our eyes

…et puis il y a eu cet espace-temps…cet in-between….des voix perdues…


dans le metro, elle chantait avec sa guitare sèche, Some of them want to use you ­/ Some of them want to get used by you / Some of them want to abuse you / Some of them want to be abused.


Sweet dreams….



Le fil de ce jour #29



“You can be depressed until you’re fifty

And then, you’re just grateful.”

Derek Walcott


-Have an awesome Tuesday


-Right…why not?

-OK – turn it up

-What’s up? If you have something nice to say, say it.


-Ya now

This cloud that rains tequila is everything we need right now

-why not – whatever – I don’t care anymore

he was overwhelmed by a furious inner excitement

-I have to know, is this real?

-Yes. No. Maybe! depends on the lenses, hard to know.

alright alright alright,  I’ll say something nice….

You made my day!












Le fil de ce jour #25

On nous dit dans l’oreillette que nous sommes #vendredi et tout le monde il est outchi-koutchi

On va tout faire pour finir le mieux possible – « Maybe I’ll do a Zidane & headbutt someone on the pitch »

L’animateur avait tenu des propos durs… le qualifiant entre autres de « tabarnac de sacrament d’estie de calice ». I was a little surprised

You’re in a slump. No seriously, check yourself right now!

Why People Say ‘You’ When They Mean ‘Me’?

Beautiful turning point

George Orwell’s last written words were, “At fifty, everyone has the face he deserves.” He died at age 46.


He discovered a hidden opportunity amid a flood of bad news

so do we

du moins, moi

ça suffit pour aujourd’hui, c’est vendredi and you should ALL GO OUT!






Le fil de ce jour #23

the waves you got


Quoi de neuf?

POSSIBILITIES – I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility

that existence has its own reason for being. Wisława Szymborska

Why objectively false things continue to be believed ?  like: “I know for a fact that he wants very much to come, but we’ll have to see. We haven’t heard yet, but we have invited him,” Grump said. Or : He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader

Let’s go somewhere else

To tell the truth – we don’t expect the truth, of a political candidate.

What we’re going to hear from you?

Bob: politics, no interest me. Dem devil business…Dem plays with peoples minds…

Alright Bob, don’t worry, cause every little thing gonna be alright…. right?


Soooooo yaaaaaaaaa……..

Pendant ce temps…

He « destroys » the Intel Committee’s credibility!!!

Who HE?


Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?

“It appeared to me that the male had sat down and had taken the conscious decision to lie backwards.”


Time / Date: 10:47 Wednesday 22 March

Incident Log 936: Man found deceased, approximate age 65 to 75

Location: Beauty spot, Chew Track from Dovestone Reservoir

He walked in at about 14:00 on the day before his body was found. “He just asked for directions to the top of the mountain,” says Melvin Robinson. “Just the top of the mountain.”

He appeared not to know his reason for being here.

If this is an effort by the President to throw a cloud of uncertainty, it’s not going to work.

It was a deeply disturbing turn today and certainly a body blow to the investigation

I need a break!