le fil #33 poetry in time of protest


never more

le beat des dispersions du coeur / les os qui brûlent la bouche / les impuretés de l’émotion  Robert Fortin les nouveaux poètes d’Amérique

lovely bit of post…i want to put few good words

i find it hard to start

when upsetting the status quo

when the world is upside down

the crowds, the drama, the cycles

rage, rage against the dying of the light, Dylan Thomas


Poetry in a time of protest, come to me

Say to them,
say to the down-keepers,
the sun-slappers,
the self-soilers,
the harmony-hushers,
« Even if you are not ready for day
it cannot always be night. »
You will be right.
For that is the hard home-run.
Live not for battles won.
Live not for the-end-of-the-song.
Live in the along.

« Speech to the Young » by Gwendolyn Brooks, from BLACKS
(Chicago, IL: Third World Press, 1991). Copyright © 1991 by Gwendolyn Brooks Blakely.




de moi à toi

peace & poetry



Le fil de ce jour #21

Croire à l’histoire officielle, c’est croire des criminels sur parole. (Simone Weil)



État des lieux

Pour mémoire

Care. More.

Gauche-droite-en avant ! Marche ! L’histoire

Pad and pen

Tight deadline

Push yourself – do your very best

Open yourself to feel

Have access to another point of view

Care – more – about – others

The real




Le fil de ce jour #20


Showing up – anything goes

Open the doors to places, ideals

the sublime spectacles,

the beautiful forms,

the splendid colors,

and the graceful structures

Heat-up – the cells of my bloodstream

Open the doors to the utter beauty

Of what we human being are

And shake me up awake


Because now

has never seemed as necessary a time

to be on the side of life.






Le fil de ce jour #19

Que jamais ne nous déserte cet éclair qui nous tient aux aguets ! Pierre Morency


Les choses de l’ombre

The daily news

La pourriture dans le royaume

Don’t be fooled

Ne dors pas l’artiste – stay at the  threshold.

Je ne suis vivant que lorsque je suis témoins.

Jean-Pierre Issenhuth écrit : «J’aime maintenant, mais je lui préfère ici.»

Ici le ciel est bleu, le peuplier fait aller ses branches, comme une danse élégante, il projette ses ombres sur le mur délabré du fond de la cour.


La présence au monde

La première trace d’une présence réelle dans le monde, c’est la beauté du monde qui procède de l’harmonie entre toutes les formes d’êtres et de vie

La deuxième trace, indissociable de la première, c’est la bonté

« il était bon »

…dehors, une exubérance à chaque seconde se renouvelle. Pierre Morency

Il s’est habillé, il est sortie dehors, pour voir…

being at home in ourselves

« Sit. Feast on your life. » Derek Walcott




Le fil de ce jour #17

Diving into the unknown

Hey human

Is there anybody out there ?

Thanks for coming out

The stage is set

Too long we’ve been apart

The Landscape #ART

The glorious awkwardness

Diving into the unknown

Catching life

It’s good to be back home

That’s all the there is




Le fil de ce jour #8 (collage)

Illustration by Sydney Smith from Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson, a wordless ode to living with presence

We are here for what amounts to a few hours,
a day at most.
We feel around making sense of the terrain,
our own new limbs,
Bumping up against a herd of bodies
until one becomes home.
Moments sweep past. The grass bends
and then learns again to stand. “SOLSTICE” TRACY K. SMITH

 «Il commence ! Il commence !»

La nuit est longue, et le chevalier est encore réveillé.

JUST IN – « I’m in it for the long haul »

Is it bad to stay inside for an entire day?

No time for a break

I’ve hit a fountain of youth.  INCREDULOUS!

If nothing is done, a substantial part of the French soul will perish

We eventually pulled it off by telling a good story that made sense

We’ve had a few « last-minute emergencies » but this is just insane! I need a lie down after reading that!

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? #CensorshipMachine

value increase?


Wire of emotion

Like a wire of emotion

the ridiculous dead end

it’ll find a way, no matter what

like a rocket engine

we are the Pitfalls

The lightning mapper

Mesmerizing illumination

Do it this way, do it everyday

Do good, do love

Mostly to love


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In praise of “useless” knowledge