Le fil de ce jour #11 (collage)

From the Mondane to the Divine


In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Camus



From the mundane to the divine


What’s on right now?

“Paris is no longer Paris.” (the “substantial guy”)

It seems completely divorced from reality

chaos by design

a work of imagination.

Do not tire. Do not fatigue

keep righting the ship

tricky to manage

so fast, that you can even not process.

A lot going on here:

Mona Lisa’s famous smile

There may be some ambiguity

Happy? Sad?

No evidence whatsoever

Youth is wasted on the young

‘Mostly Human’

streams on

TANGIBLE – Perceptible by touch; clear and definite; real.

Very real


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Le fil de ce jour #2


Exploring the Sahara Desert’s Erg Chebbi Dunes by

Le débat ne porte pas sur une chose quelconque, mais sur le fait de savoir si nous sommes fous ou non. Inconnu

Today’s top stories:

It’s #ZeroDiscrimination Day – stand united in support of anyone who faces discrimination

Read a lot, let go of control, embrace imperfection… Montaigne, born on this day in 1533

Read between the line

Libraries worldwide are hosting « stuffed animal sleepovers » as a new program encouraging kids to read

If your head is spinning now, you’re not alone

War in Syria forced a family to separate. Now they use apps to be there for one another

As South Sudan refugee flood continues, so do tales of abuse.

Canadien 1 – Blue Jackets 0

Le Canadien de Montréal est incapable de gagner à l’intérieur de trois périodes de jeu depuis le début du mois de février

Fact check!

Attention à l’emballement, et à ne diffuser et relayer que des infos vérifiées !

Why Emma Watson will answer your fan questions, but refuse a selfie

My question: do I really want to take a selfie with Emma Watson?

And: How to manage somebody you just don’t like? (Rien à voir avec Emma Watson)

Le Canadien obtient les services de Steve Ott

Carlos Leitão ne se berce pas d’illusions

Carlos Leitão perd espoir

« Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of #life, the whole aim and end of human #existence. » ~ Aristotle

Ça n’a rien à voir avec #Fillon

Scheduling Sex With Your Partner Sounds Weird, but It Works

a « level playing field”

Things get freaky real

L’inconstance des constantes universelles

Fillon a parlé à Juppé et fera une déclaration à midi

He didn’t want to drink alone

Does having a foul mouth mean you’re more trustworthy?

Queen Victoria Employed an Official Rat-Catcher

“We may justify it under national defense.”

We’re optimists. No matter how hard the problem, we think we’re going to solve it

You are you, I am I

« T’es un bonhomme »

I’m confuse

The numbers:

6 things that happened when I quit caffeine

4 words and phrases to avoid when you’re trying to sound confident

3 Supreme Court Justices skipped President Trump’s address to Congress

#Irak | 26.000 civils ont fui #Mossoul ces dix derniers jours

9 tips to take care of yourself in challenging times

1,500 people, 2 elevators and 500 tons of luggage — here’s how the Saudi king travels

8 Brutal Truths About Life That We All Need to Accept:

3 carb-loading meals that have nothing to do with pasta

5 Ways to Make Pasta Taste As Good As It Does in a Restaurant

22 Two-Letter Words To Boost Your Scrabble Score

$60 million: Penguin Random House  book deal with Obamas

7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar

After Losing 70lbs Susan Boyle is Unbelievably Gorgeous

13 great stories that have nothing to do with politics

7 Stages to Level Up Your Life Into Financial Freedom

25 Powerful Quotes From Zen Buddhism That Will Open Your Mind Wide Open


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